Our partnership with missionPET is a prime example of how innovation and sustainability can go seamlessly together in recycling. missionPET is passionately committed to recycling PET bottles and has a clear vision: to promote the circular economy by consistently reusing PET material.


But there was also a challenge in realizing this vision: the recycled PET particles were delivered in bulky BigBags, whose subsequent storage resulted in wasted space and resources. But thanks to the innovative Orwak baler, this problem is now a thing of the past. With this solution, the BigBags are pressed into compact bales. This has not only made storage and transportation much more efficient, but also ensures that the entire recycling process is more sustainable.


Why is the sustainable recycling process so important?

PET recycling requires the highest standards of purity to ensure that no impurities affect the final product. Careful handling of BigBags is critical to ensure they are clean and free of foreign objects. The Orwak baler enables this precision, helping to keep the quality of the recycled PET material at the highest level.

Our partnership not only enables us to support missionPET in its mission to promote the circular economy, but also drives our own vision: a world without waste. We are convinced that sustainability and innovation can come together to strengthen the environment and the economy alike.

Interzero relies on strong partnerships

Together, we are sending a strong signal that innovation and sustainability are an unbeatable combination.
We look forward to a continued successful cooperation with missionPET and to many more steps towards a green and sustainable future.

Stay tuned to learn more about our sustainable initiatives and success stories!