Plastics recycling: Customized compounds replace virgin materials

High-quality recycled plastics according to customer specifications: With the award-winning Recycled-Resource process, Interzero closes the loop for used plastics – and protects resources and the climate in the process. minimized. Interzero is the ideal partner for the safe storage, environmentally sound disposal and legally compliant recycling of lithium batteries throughout Austria.

Experts for closed-loop recycling: In our innovative Recycled Resource process, we have perfected the compounding of used plastics. For example, we produce new, market-oriented plastic recyclates from used packaging as well as from production waste – including at our plastics processing plant in Eisenhüttenstadt.

At our new competence center in Maribor, Slovenia, we are also bundling our research and development activities in the field of plastics recycling.

Strong recycled plastics from our own production

In the recycling plants in Germany, a wide variety of fractions and polyefins can be processed into unmixed recyclates.

We use materials from household recycling collections as raw materials, primarily packaging made of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). We use it to manufacture various products: Recythen granules, for example, are suitable for the production of cable drums, garden furniture and drainage and cable protection pipes.


Procyclen is an award-winning, custom-modifiable recompound. Special formulations allow it to be precisely adapted to customer requirements in terms of flowability, stability, UV and heat resistance or coloration. Similar to crude oil-based virgin material, Procyclen meets high requirements for the properties of new products or packaging – and can also be processed by injection molding or extrusion.Manufacturers of plastic products can apply for the “Blue Angel” environmental seal for Recythen and Procyclen and thus positively distinguish themselves from the competition.

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