Employees & Initiatives

One Team, One Dream:

Community, cooperation and dialogue – that’s what we stand for. Our employees and partners are crucial to our success. Together, we are shaping a future worth living and creating added value for everyone.

Our shared values unite us – no matter what job you do at Interzero, where you come from, what you believe in or who you love. Interzero in Germany alone employs people from 41 different nations, ranging in age from 16 to 67. By valuing our differences, treating each other with interest and learning from each other, we promote equal opportunities for our employees. Our competency model serves as a common understanding of our values and provides orientation for employees at all levels. It forms the basis for standing up for our vision of “zero waste solutions” every day anew and finding the right ways to achieve it.

360° feedback: Together with hr Diamonds we work on ourselves

As a company, we want to constantly improve. But we know that the basic building block is our employees. That’s why we’ve been working with hr diamonds on a strategy to help each individual improve. With 360° feedback, employees are viewed from every angle and receive individual feedback. Questions such as “What should you continue with?”, “What should you start with?” and “What should you stop with?” are answered, leading to exciting insight.

Overcoming mental barriers: Two degrees are feasible

Companies have a central role to play in implementing the two-degree target. But how can they help to limit global warming? The solution approach of the initiative “Way to the <2° economy” is: Together we can achieve more. Through cross-company collaboration, it brings together different industries, disciplines and perspectives to get a step closer to the common goal. Interzero actively participates in this. Together with almost 40 other companies, we are part of the forward-looking project – launched by the 2° Foundation and WWF Germany.

Bee-friendly company 2022: 200,000 busy bees for Interzero

Interzero has already adopted 200,000 honey bees in 2020. In this way, we not only provide a valuable and sustainable contribution to the preservation of honey bees in Austria, which are increasingly threatened by insecticides, monocultures and diseases, but also promote the unfortunately constantly declining biodiversity and species diversity of domestic flowering plants through the pollination of our bees. For us, sustainability is more than just a word.