Our licensing solutions: benefit from Austria's most innovative collection system

Interzero is your competent partner for the collection and recycling of packaging, waste electrical equipment or batteries. Take advantage of our many years of expertise, because we have been closing the recycling loop in Austria since 1997 and are at your side with the combined know-how of our experts. Our path leads to a future without waste – let’s walk a part of this path together.

Household packaging licensing

Do you manufacture products whose packaging is used by private end consumers? Interzero supports its customers in the household sector in fulfilling the requirements of the Packaging Ordinance and is at your side as a specialist for environmental services and a competent partner: We organize the return and recycling of your packaging – legally compliant and reliable. Interzero helps you to meet the requirements of the Packaging Ordinance and also to comply with high documentation requirements.

For sales packaging generated by entities comparable to private households, Interzero offers certified solutions.

Commercial packaging licensing

The Packaging Ordinance in Austria obliges! Anyone who brings packaging into circulation or imports it into Austria for the purpose of their own activities is responsible for ensuring that this packaging is collected and recycled. The Austrian Packaging Ordinance distinguishes between household packaging and commercial packaging. The latter includes not only transport packaging, but also certain sales and outer packaging that accumulates in selected industrial, commercial, trade, etc. operations. Interzero takes over the obligations to fulfill the packaging ordinance for your commercial packaging for you in Austria.

Present throughout Austria

No matter where and how you market your products, we take over the empty packaging at numerous takeover points or collect it with our disposal partners where it accumulates – from you and your customers.

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Collection and recycling of waste electrical equipment

Anyone who puts electrical equipment into circulation in Austria or imports it into Austria for the purpose of their own activities (distributor) is responsible for ensuring that the WEEE is collected, recycled or sent for treatment in Austria. This is what the legislator has prescribed in the Ordinance on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EAG-VO).

All obligated parties must ensure that the electrical appliances they put into circulation (large appliances, small electrical appliances, refrigerators and freezers, display screen and picture tube equipment, gas discharge lamps, dual-use equipment) are taken back and treated or recycled in accordance with the ordinance. Interzero, as a household and commercial system, assumes for you the obligations arising from the Waste Electrical Equipment Ordinance for the electrical equipment you place on the market.

Collection and recycling of spent batteries

Anyone who puts batteries (portable, automotive or industrial) into circulation or imports them into Austria for the purpose of their own activities has to fulfill a wide range of take-back, collection and treatment obligations in addition to general requirements (substance bans, removability, etc.).

Distributors of portable and automotive batteries shall fulfill the take-back, collection and treatment of these batteries in a mandatory manner by participating in a collection and recovery system. Distributors of industrial batteries can also conveniently transfer the obligations to a collection or recycling system.

Interzero assumes your obligations under the Battery Ordinance for the batteries you place on the market. And you can sit back with peace of mind and concentrate on your core business!

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