We build bridges, close loops: this is what sustainability looks like at Interzero

A world without waste – our goal. What’s behind it and how we achieve it? Here at a glance.



Employees & Initiatives

Our employees are the circular economy experts that make up Interzero. Together with them and our partners, we are shaping a future worth living.

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Sabine Nallinger and Markus Müller-Drexel in conversation

See why the European Green Deal is a great opportunity for companies – and for the circular economy – in this interview.

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Sustainable strategy

We build bridges, close loops and create added value. Our strategy provides us with the framework for this. so that we always focus on the essentials.

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Studies & Certificates

We prove our customers’ contribution to climate protection in black and white: The Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT regularly calculates the positive ecological effects of this commitment.

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Our solutions

We are working to keep raw materials in circulation. To protect the environment and benefit our customers.

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