Made for recycling - design your packaging to be recycling-friendly

Packaging analysis with Interzero: You want to check whether your packaging is as recyclable as possible? We accompany you on your way to optimally recyclable packaging and provide individually tailored suggestions for improvement. This is how we help to better achieve recycling goals.

Conserve resources and pay attention to sustainability. In this context, full transparency is to be emphasized, and customers and legislation are to be taken into account. Packaging should have little impact on the environment and be easily recyclable.

Would you like to know what the recyclability of your packaging looks like?

Our scientifically based packaging analysis “Made for Recycling” provides the answer. The evaluation methodology was developed together with the bifa Umweltinstitut and reviewed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV. Our experts analyze your packaging samples according to standardized criteria, provide you with comprehensive advice and work with you to develop sustainable and practical optimization proposals. So you are well equipped.

This is how the analysis of your packaging works:

Schritt 1

Sie senden uns Ihre relevanten Verpackungsmuster und wir erstellen Ihnen ein Angebot für die Analyse.

Schritt 2

Wir prüfen und analysieren die Verpackungsmuster anhand unserer Bewertungsmethodik, so unter anderem in unserem Kompetenzzentrum für Recyclingkunststoffe.

Schritt 3

Sie erhalten von uns innerhalb von 4 Wochen ein Zertifikat sowie ein ausführliches Reporting mit individuellen Handlungsempfehlungen.

Schritt 4

Optimieren Sie Ihre Verpackungen hinsichtlich unserer Handlungsempfehlungen.

Schritt 5

Wir führen innerhalb weniger Wochen eine Zweitanalyse der Verpackungen durch und bestätigen Ihnen die Optimierung.

Das Ziel

Die Erst- und Zweitanalyse Ihrer Verpackungen und die Umsetzung unserer Optimierungsempfehlungen können Ihnen attraktive Einsparungen bei den Lizenzentgelten ermöglichen und die Recyclingfähigkeit Ihrer Verpackungen entscheidend steigern.

"Made for Recycling" - Seal of Quality as a Signal for Your Customers

Packaging that bears the “Made for Recycling” seal of approval is good or very good at recycling.

Score points with your customers – with sustainable sales arguments: “Made for Recycling”, the scientific analysis standard for the recyclability of packaging, is recognized in Austria and internationally. Not only the materials used are examined, but also the sortability and the method of disposal. If packaging receives more than 18 out of a total of 20 possible points according to this evaluation method, it is allowed to bear the seal.

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