Recyclables trade - We supply the raw material of the future

Interzero buys recyclables, processes them and supplies industry with high-quality recycling raw materials for new products. In this way, we supply industry with valuable starting materials for new products and contribute to an efficient circular economy.

Interzero purchases and markets all waste fractions to recycle and provide to industry for reuse. We pay particular attention to the collection of recyclables from the yellow bag, the yellow garbage can and the extended collection of recyclables, especially plastics as well as aluminum and tinplate. But valuable recycled raw materials are also obtained from all other materials – for example, from paper and cardboard as well as commercial films. In addition, we market all recyclable materials generated by our customers.

Plastics recycling: regranulate and recyclate

Customized compounds replace virgin material and the cycle can be closed.

Granules are produced according to customer specifications in three of the company’s own recycling plants. With an award-winning process, Interzero closes the loop for used plastics – conserving resources and protecting the climate.

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Interzero Competence Center: Our Laboratory Services

In our Interzero Competence Center in Maribor we can offer you further analyses. Find out more about our range of services and find the right analysis for you.

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