Collect and dispose of lithium batteries correctly - safely and environmentally friendly with Interzero

Damaged lithium batteries can cause fires if stored incorrectly, for example in e-bike or laptop batteries. Once one starts to burn, an extinguishing process is complicated and high temperatures develop. Correct storage in the container provided by Interzero minimizes the risk of fire. Interzero is the ideal partner for the safe storage, environmentally sound disposal and legally compliant recycling of lithium batteries throughout Austria.

Lithium batteries and accumulators are hazardous waste and must be disposed of in an environmentally sound and safe manner. Improper handling is also a fire hazard. With Interzero’s containers specially designed for the storage and transport of lithium batteries, you play it safe and can concentrate fully on your core business. The easy and quick collection of lithium batteries of all sizes completes our offer.

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