Made for Circle - the Interzero solution for packaging eco-design

A present and sustainable packaging at the point of sales has a direct influence on the purchase decision of your customers.

Made for Circle supports you from the beginning of the packaging development process until the launch of the sustainable packaging solution. This service is additionally certifiable and can be extended by further modules of interest to you. From laboratory analysis to life cycle assessment, the process can be optionally extended. Find out together with us about the individual offer!

Modular buildable

Flexible for your requirements


Made for Circle offers you the following advantages:

Your packaging analysis:

  • Analysis of the recyclability of your packaging
  • Accurate material analysis
  • Screening of suppliers and manufacturers
  • Analysis of the alternative packaging materials

Technical report consisting of:

  • the summary of the methodology following leading standards
  • Analysis of your customer requirements
  • Explanations of the entered data
  • Detailed information about optimization solutions

Optional life cycle assessment consisting of:

  • precise report on the underlying calculations
  • Discussion of the results of the life cycle assessment
  • Discussion about optimization of results
  • Certification with renowned certification bodies

We guide you step by step to your optimized packaging

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