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profitara austria supports its customers in meeting the requirements arising from the Packaging Ordinance and actively assists them with advice throughout the entire process of professional packaging management and disposal. Profitara focuses on “best service”, so it provides an all-round carefree package. Expert, personal advice from a single point of contact is the starting point. The packaging placed on the market is analyzed in detail, and the Profitara consultant also provides support in assigning it to the household or commercial sector, taking into account all legal requirements.

Packaging management – safe and cost-optimized

The Austrian Packaging Ordinance is the basis for the obligation to take back packaging that has been placed on the market. However, this obligation is far-reaching and must be considered in each individual case of the obligated party in order not to provoke excessive costs here and in order not to endanger its own competitiveness. profitara supports its customers with complete services and services in partnership. Our experts have extensive experience in packaging management and can advise you on the holistic process of packaging management:

  • Analysis of the packaging to be licensed
  • Analysis of the distribution channels
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of material flows
  • Assumption of all administrative tasks, such as billing and processing of payment flows with all systems involved

profitara – your authorized representative

Do you sell your goods to end consumers via online retailing and put packaging into circulation in the process? You would like to continue to take over the pre-delivery of packaging for your Austrian corporate customers? Or are remote sellers of disposable plastic products? You do not have a registered office in Austria?

As of 01.01.2023 you are obliged to appoint an authorized representative based in Austria.

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Who is obliged to appoint a proxy?

Mail order companies that do not have a registered office in Austria and hand over packaging or goods or goods in packaging in Austria to a private end consumer in the context of distance selling must appoint an authorized representative in Austria for packaging placed on the market as of January 1, 2023.

Companies whose registered office is in another member state of the European Union and who wish to continue to assume the advance obligation for packaging for their Austrian corporate customers also require an authorized representative

What do we do for you?

As an authorized representative, profitara assumes all obligations arising for you from the Packaging Ordinance in Austria. We provide the following services, among others, as required by law:

  • Registration as your authorized representative in the register of the Federal Environment Agency
  • Transmission of your master data to the register as well as deposit of your categories of packaging or single-use plastic products
  • Informing your corporate customers about the authorization and the masses of packaging or disposable plastic products that concern them.
  • Submitting the list of your corporate clients to the registry
  • Discharge of your packaging or single-use plastic products delivered to Austria to Interzero, your collection and recycling system.

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