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Corporate Governance at Interzero: Responsibility for Customers, Employees and the Environment

“Interzero will continue to develop and expand its offering as a resource optimizer in the direction of a fully-fledged partner of the circular economy. To this end, further internationalization is a major focus, as is professional implementation of customer projects as a total solution specialist – true to our broad “one-stop shop” concept. One area that is very close to my personal heart is the intensification of cooperation with our partners in the field of deposit solutions and reverse vending machines. This goes hand in hand with the accelerated expansion of our site consulting services. To this end, Interzero is also massively reinforcing itself with additional experts with profound specialist knowledge, thereby strengthening the circular concept.”

– Mag. Christian Gschiel

“Our employees are the key to success – today and in the future. Leading through communication and the eagerness of our employees to work are the basis for Interzero’s entrepreneurial success in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. The customer is at the center of our daily activities – together with our employees and suppliers, we develop services that are characterized by sustainability.”

– Mag. Martin Ulke