Interzero expanded its operations to Serbia at the end of 2022

We are proud to have received the approval of packaging licensing in Serbia as well! This is an essential step for Interzero Ciruclar Solutions Europe to strengthen our international positioning and to further drive the expansion plans of our integrated environmental solutions.

At the same time, this strategic milestone provides a solid foundation for further local services in Serbia and enables the sustainable development of our competencies throughout the region. This will enable us to implement our growth strategy well: Expanding our expertise in fast-growing countries like Serbia. The goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing more and more international services with our highest quality standards.

Interzero Circular Solutions Europe has expanded its operations in Serbia as of the end of 2022. Now, we have recently received approval for packaging waste disposal and packaging licensing. This is an important step we can take together to achieve goals.

We thank Country Manager Vojislav Stanković and the team for their excellent work and now look forward to introducing innovative sustainability solutions in Serbia in line with our international best practices,” said Martin Ulke, Head of Interzero Circular Solutions Europe.


The recycling destinations in Serbia and Europe

Serbia’s national targets prescribe the amount of packaging waste to be returned to the recycling system (59%) and/or reused (64%). In the next few years, European targets call for 70% of municipal waste and 80% of packaging waste to be recycled by 2023. However, a landfill ban on recyclable waste will be introduced from 2025. These goals and constraints can create challenges for companies.


How can we achieve the goals together?

It’s simple: we develop environmental solutions that help companies develop sustainable businesses. From environmental protection consulting to integrated waste management, we now offer you a comprehensive portfolio of services and technical solutions in Serbia as well, enabling us to achieve a world without waste together.

Acting in accordance with the law

Broad international partner network

Elimination of the risk of possible sanctions

Advantages of cooperation

Provision of recyclable materials

Throughout Europe, we supply all types of recyclable waste, primarily all types of plastics, but also cardboard, metal, wood and glass, as well as raw materials and regranulates produced in the recycling process.

Sustainable technical solutions

By using first-class technical equipment, your employees optimize their workplace, simplify and accelerate production processes, reduce the amount of waste, cut costs and help the company achieve certain sustainable as well as economic goals

International solutions

Based on more than 30 years of experience in European countries, Interzero offers consulting and solutions in the field of waste management.

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