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Packaging must be taken back and recycled. Transfer your packaging take-back and recovery obligations in Austria to Interzero. Benefit from our many years of experience, as well as our individual solutions. Interzero takes over the obligations to fulfill the packaging ordinance for your household and commercial packaging for you in Austria.

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The perfect offer if you  
  • Household and commercial max. place on the market per 1.500kg
  • do not want to give an exact report of the mass
  • want to de-commit Austria-wide
  • want to fulfill your obligations quickly and efficiently

Flat rate 150 €
Per order

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Climate ProOffer

Sustainable marketer

Licensing with vision:  
  • sustainable licensing
  • Legal certainty
  • simple and unbureaucratic
  • Emissions are compensated
  • Selection of a funding project
  • Climate Pro certificate

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All marketers

Suitable for you if you  
  • Want to submit your message by mass
  • distribute over 1,500 kg of household and commercial packaging each
  • Want to be supported in a legally secure manner
  • want to de-commit Austria-wide

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Climate Pro: Because we care about the environment and it's in our DNA!

With the Interzero Climate Pro tariff, our customers can compensate for the carbon footprint created during the recycling of packaging. Different greenhouse gas emissions are generated during transport, sorting and recycling of the collected packaging waste. The emissions generated are converted to CO2 equivalents, a measure used to standardize the climate impact of the different greenhouse gases.

Our cooperation with Climate Austria

Climate protection measures are used to offset the emissions generated. In this area, Interzero works together with Climate Austria, a partner with many years of experience in climate protection projects. Climate Austria is a project of KPC (Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH) and supports high-quality climate protection projects at national and international level.

The “Climate Austria” initiative was launched in 2008 as a cooperation between the Ministry of the Environment, Austrian Airlines, Vienna Airport and KPC. By choosing the Interzero Climate Pro tariff, the customer thus makes an important contribution to climate protection and the UN climate protection goals (“SDGs”).

Through our partner Climate Austria, Climate Pro Tarif customers support carefully screened national and international projects. More detailed information on the individual projects is published on the Climate Austria website:

What has been achieved so far?

To date, over 200t ofCO2 have been offset through voluntary support of climate protection projects. In addition to offsetting, we at Interzero would like to take further measures to reduce and avoidCO2 emissions. The study “resources SAVED by recycling” shows that up to 1.8 million tons of recyclable materials can be returned to the cycle each year and 12.5 million tons of primary resources can be saved.

Interzero has made it its goal to deal responsibly with theCO2 emissions in the recycling process that cannot yet be avoided. Compensation is therefore to be extended to more and more customers and orders.

Your advantages at a glance

Minimized risk of non-compliance

Individual advice

Europe-wide service

ONE contact person



About Interzero

We at Interzero remove and recycle your waste professionally since 1991 in 17 European countries

PET Flaschen

Interzero is a recycling company with a global presence and over 1600 employees. Our most important tasks in Austria are the nationwide handling of waste disposal services, as well as the organization of logistics processes and the return and recycling of packaging. For us, sustainability means picking up waste and recyclable materials where they are generated and reintroducing them into the recycling loop in the most environmentally friendly way possible, over and above the legal requirements.

More about Interzero Services


The responsibility lies with the primary obligated parties. Primary obligated parties are packers, importers, own importers and mail order companies (including foreign ones) as well as manufacturers and importers of service packaging located in Austria. Primary obligated parties must participate in a competent collection and recovery system with their household packaging placed on the market.

The quantity reports are due on the 15th of the month following the reporting period (e.g.: the report for January on 15.2., the report for the 1st quarter on 15.4., the annual report by 15.1. of the following year). Our online portal is available for this purpose. You will receive access data as part of the contract processing.

The Waste Management Act provides clear guidelines for classifying packaging based on the size and type of point of generation. Distribution channel analyses are no longer permitted.

Packaging or the packaged products are to be assigned to the respective product group according to the Delimitation Ordinance. The assignment of products to the product groups is binding. Modification of the product group definition is not permitted.

In the Packaging Ordinance (VVO), this is regulated according to the annual license fee per household and trade:

  • <1.500€ – annual reporter
  • >20.000€ – monthly reporter
  • in between – quarterly report

Participants who place no more than a total of 1,500 kg of household or commercial packaging on the market in a calendar year can take advantage of flat rates.

After signing and sending the contract, your licensing or manufacturer number will be sent to you. Here you will also be unlocked the area on our online portal to receive your confirmation of participation.



Packaging obligation with Interzero Austria – always a good feeling!

Packaging removal is a complex matter, whether in the home, or in a commercial setting. So it’s good to have competent partners like Interzero and its subsidiary Profitara at your side. Best service, legal security and personal advice guaranteed. Environmental protection included.

Packaging commitment made easy – with Interzero Austria. Whether in the household or commercial sector – with Interzero Austria and its wholly owned subsidiary Profitara, you always have the right contact for the whole of Austria. While Interzero offers a best practice package, Profitara focuses on best service and advice. With Interzero, the customer takes over the determination of the masses, the implementation of the Packaging Ordinance and the reporting of the quantities placed on the market itself. Interzero Austria de-obligates the packaging, provides CO2 certificates and ensures full legal security. And all this at the best price-performance ratio.

As an independent consulting service provider, Profitara focuses on “best service”, thus providing an all-round carefree package, so to speak. Personal advice from just one contact person is the starting point. The packaging placed on the market is analyzed in detail, and the Profitara consultant also provides support in assigning it to the household or commercial sector, taking into account all legal requirements (e.g. Packaging Delimitation Ordinance, Waste Management Act (AWG), quota sheets, product group sheets).

Furthermore, Profitara takes over all administrative and legal tasks including audit support and documents the discharge. A user-friendly online registration portal is of course also available. In addition, there are climate protection certificates to ensure sustainability, as is the case with Interzero Austria. In the end, cost-optimized system participation is organized, including legal security at home and abroad.

In addition, packaging licensing with Interzero also gives you the good feeling that you are doing the right thing for the environment. This is because Interzero is the only collection system that already offers completely closed recycling loops. The collected packaging is further processed into the patented secondary raw material Procyclen. Unlike conventional plastics, this plastic does not require any crude oil in its production, which not only saves a lot of energy, but also produces up to 50 percent fewer environmentally and climate-damaging greenhouse gases.

Procyclen is used, for example, to make laundry baskets, transport boxes or packaging again – in the same quality as virgin material. In this way, Interzero creates something that others only talk about: The cycle of recyclable materials is closed. Interzero thus minimizes its dependence on primary raw materials. And that, after all, is the supreme discipline of recycling! By committing to packaging at Interzero (household and commercial), you are not only relying on almost 20 years of system expertise, but you are also protecting the environment and actively helping to secure the supply of raw materials in the long term.